These are just a few sample traps to assist GM's in designing their own. Each trap has a challenge rating listed with it; also included is the base price and craft DC for making the trap.

Default DCs:
To locate a trap: Perception DC 20
To disarm a trap: Disable Device DC 20

Pressure pad arrow trap (CR 1, 200 gp, Craft (traps) DC 10):

A pressure pad on the ground (Perception DC 20 to spot it) activates an crossbow nearby, which shoots the spot the pressure pad is on (the crossbow makes an attack roll at +10 to hit, dealing 1d6+1 damage if it hits). A Disable Device check at DC 20 can disarm the trap.

Pit trap (CR 2, 450 gp, Craft (traps) DC 12):

A 10 foot by 10 foot pit is covered up by a trapdoor (Perception DC 20 to spot it). Any creature that steps on the trapdoor causes the trapdoor to open and the creature to fall in. The pit is 50 feet deep (5d6 damage). A Disable Device check at DC 25 can jam the door so it won't open.

Poison needle lock trap (CR 2, 450 gp, Craft (traps) DC 12):

This trap hides inside a lock. Anyone attempting to pick the lock will find themselves stuck with a needle; this needle is coated in Blackweed (they must make a Fort save to avoid being afflicted). A DC 25 Perception check will allow them to notice the needle in advance and remove it (Disable Device DC 15 to remove it, failure sticks the remover with the needle).

Energy blast trap (CR 4, 900 gp, Craft (traps) DC 14):

This trap is a magic trap; the maker of the trap needs Soul Crafting. A pair of runes on adjacent walls point at each other; a creature getting between the runes triggers the trap. The creature triggers the trap is hit with a blast of energy (as the spell Energy Blast, spell level 3; the crafter of the trap sets the energy type). A DC 25 Perception check allows someone to spot the runes (Disable Device DC 25 to remove a rune and disable the trap, failure triggers the trap).