The contents of this page are Product Identity, under the Open Game Licence.

Mytheye is a basic setting provided for GM's who don't want to write their own. The details provided are a bare minimum, to allow the GM greater freedom in their stories.

Map of Mytheye

Kingdoms by Continent:

Continent: Basse
--Iggance (Tundra, controlled by Orcs, Capital: Ucsia, Queen: Ericka [Lawful Evil])
--Treoltia (Plains, controlled by Halflings, Capital: Edettea, King: Gustave [Chaotic Good])
--Thulwia (Forest/Plains, controlled by Goblins, Capital: Ratamway, King: D'Arcy [Chaotic Neutral])
--Omvia (Forest, controlled by Elves, Capital: Elwatha, King: Vince [Lawful Good])
Continent: Xanno
--Xanno (Forest/Island, controlled by Trolls, Capital: Xawasa, King: Eli [Neutral])
Continent: Essata
--Ondoland (Tundra/Plains, controlled by Humans, Capital: Orzia, Queen: Elaine [Chaotic Good])
--Olca (Mountains, controlled by Dwarves, Capital: Umblea, King: Benjamin [Lawful Neutral])
--Inozmaway (Plains, controlled by Gnomes, Capital: Stardia, Queen: Astrid [Neutral Good])
--Errigland (Forest, controlled by Goblins, Capital: Ublea, King: Flavius [Neutral])
--Ichea (Forest, controlled by Elves, Capital: Aplea, Queen: Susan [Neutral])
Continent: Quata
--Eja (Mountains, controlled by Dwarves, Capital: Aknany, King: Beaumont [Lawful Good])
--Ordrany (Mountains, controlled by Halflings, Capital: Igrany, Queen: Wilhemina [Neutral Good])
--Ozlance (Forest, controlled by Orcs, Capital: Obria, King: Frost [Lawful Neutral])
--Ilgaflany (Forest, controlled by Gnomes, Capital: Crasmea, Queen: Loretto [Neutral])
--Trialand (Plains/Tundra, controlled by Humans, Capital: Ova, King: Winter [Chaotic Evil])

The Darkness:

The Darkness is a large tunnel network underneath southern Olca and Ondoland and northern Inozmaway. These tunnels are the homeland of the Kobolds. This underground kingdom is ruled by Queen Lelise (Neutral).

The Mirror:

The moon of Mytheye (known as the Mirror) is, surprisingly enough, habitable. It has a thinner atmosphere (1d6 damage per hour of strenuous effort due to low oxygen, DC 10 Fort save negates) and lower gravity (+10 to Parkour checks made to jump), but it does have water and plant life. Some races have made small outposts on the Mirror; each of these outposts has a portal to Mytheye.

Map of the Mirror

--Zatcha (controlled by Trolls, portal to Xawasa)
--Oncledif (controlled by Gnomes, portal to Stardia)

Afterlife Planes:

In Mytheye, there are no alignment planes. Instead, when a creature dies, its soul is sent to its afterlife plane (souls in a plane are known as "patrons"). Your afterlife plane is based on your actions in life. All afterlife planes are infinitely large; however, it takes almost no time to move from one place on a plane to another place on the same plane. Patrons do not need to eat, sleep, drink or breathe, but can do all these things if they wish.

Each afterlife plane is populated with, in addition to patrons, planars of that plane, at least 1 god/goddess and divine avatars of that god/goddess.

Special Note: Divine casters go to the afterlife plane where their god/goddess lives.

The Battlefield:

The afterlife plane for those who seek battle and war; the Battlefield contains endless battle. The Battlefield is divided into three areas; the field of honor, the feast hall and the armory.

The field of honor is a battlefield on which anyone can fight for honor and glory.

The feast hall contains an endless amount of food and drink. If a patron dies anywhere on the plane, they respawn in the feast hall.

Within the armory, there is an endless amount of mundane weapons and armor free for the taking by any patron. If a patron who has taken from the armory dies, the items taken vanish. If a non-patron tries to take an item from the armory, the item vanishes.

The Library:

The afterlife plane for those who seek knowledge; the Library contains an endlessly sprawling maze of bookshelves. Contained on these shelves are several copies of almost every book ever written. However, these books are not arranged in any pattern, scattered at random.

Scattered around the library are reading rooms. These rooms contain chairs to read in. In addition, each reading room contains endless food, drink, ink, quills and blank books. If a patron dies anywhere on the plane, they respawn in the last reading room they were in.

The Fortress:

The afterlife plane for thieves and scoundrels; the Fortress is their ultimate test. The Fortress contains endless amounts of treasure behind various defenses (as treasure is taken, more appears other places in the Fortress); the more defenses protecting treasure, the more treasure there is. These defenses include traps, puzzles and construct guards. It is said that hidden somewhere deep inside the Fortress is the Infinite Vault which contains infinite treasure within itself. Treasure taken from inside the Fortress can not be taken off the plane.

Outside the actual fortress which give the plane its name, there is the Den; the Den is a place for patrons to rest and eat/drink between trips into the fortress. Within the Den, there is an endless amount of food, drink, thieving equipment and daggers. If a non-patron tries to take equipment/daggers from the den, the item vanishes. If a patron who has taken equipment from the armory dies, the items taken vanish. The Den also contains a vault for each patron to store their loot. If a patron dies anywhere on the plane, they respawn in the den.

The Pit:

The afterlife plane for... those who "chose" it. Endless caves of fire, lava and stone. There are two types of patrons in the Pit; masters and clients. Clients are those who sold their soul for power in life; they are tortured here for all eternity. Masters are those divine casters whose god resides in the Pit; they can do anything they like and help torture the clients. Located in the Pit, masters can find bars with endless amounts of food and drink. If a patron dies anywhere on the plane, they respawn right where they died in 1d4 minutes.

NOTE: Clients can not be brought back from the dead without the direct intervention of a god/goddess. Masters have no such restriction.

The Inn:

The afterlife plane for those who don't fit into any other afterlife plane; the Inn is an endlessly large inn. The front room of the inn contains an endless amount of food and drink, along with endless fireplaces to sit by. In addition, there are the Halls, which contain an endless number of rooms to sleep in. If a patron dies anywhere on the plane, they respawn in the front room of the inn.


The major gods/goddesses of Mytheye are as follows:

Redan, the Creator (alignment: unknown, plane: Inn).
Letine, the Omniscient (alignment: lawful neutral; plane: Library).
Barr, the Warlord (alignment: neutral; plane: Battlefield).
Sawaloo, the Shadows (alignment: chaotic neutral; plane: Fortress).
Zebrac, the Corruptor (alignment: neutral evil; plane: Pit).
Hanna, the Kind (alignment: neutral good; plane: Inn).

This is not a complete list. There are a wide range of minor gods and goddesses.