Some abilities are not tied to your race, class, or skills—things like particularly quick reflexes that allow you to react to danger more swiftly, the training to deliver powerful strikes with melee weapons, or the knack for deflecting arrows fired at you. These abilities are represented as feats.

A character gets one feat at first level; humans get an additional feat at first level. Characters earn an additional feat at odd numbered level.


Some feats have prerequisites. Your character must have the indicated ability score, class feature, feat, skill, base attack bonus, prowess, or other quality designated in order to select or use that feat. A character can gain a feat at the same level at which he gains the prerequisite.

A character can't use a feat if he loses a prerequisite, but they do not lose the feat itself. If, at a later time, they regain the lost prerequisite, they immediately regain full use of the feat that prerequisite enables.

When checking prerequisites, a character can not count temporary bonuses, such as spells or magic items.

Feat Descriptions:

Here is the format for feat descriptions.

Feat Name: The name of the feat.
  Feat Type: Many feats are listed with "Combat"; these are Combat feats.
Prerequisite: A minimum ability score, another feat or feats, a minimum base attack bonus, a minimum number of ranks in one or more skills, a minimum prowess score or a class level that a character must have in order to acquire this feat. This entry is absent if a feat has no prerequisite. A feat may have more than one prerequisite.
Benefit: What the feat enables the character ("you" in the feat description) to do. If a character has the same feat more than once, its benefits do not stack unless indicated otherwise in the description. In general, having a feat twice is the same as having it once.
Special: Additional facts about the feat that may be helpful when you decide whether to acquire the feat.

Combat Feats:

Quickwitted, Deflect Arrows, Spring Attack, Toughness, Cleave, Awesome Strike, Thickskinned, Endurance, Diehard, Balanced Attack, Pinpoint Shot, Rapid Shot, Harrying Archer, Weapon Focus, Weapon Mastery, Armor Focus, Combat Flow, Combat Reflexes, Style Mastery, Unarmed Battle, Adaptive Style, Interceptor, Thaumaturgic Strike.

Other Feats:

Skill Focus, Well Studied, Personable, Sneaky, Skill Swap, Skill Shift, Improved Sneak Attack, Armor Training, Weapon Training, Shield Training, Quick Switch, Arcana Crafting, Soul Crafting, Leadership, Second Chance, Spell Retention, Extra Spell, Turn Undead, Brief Prayer, Familiar, Energy Mastery, Esoteric Spell, False Arcana, Divine Pledge, Parlor Magic, Always Prepared.