Epic Characters:

A character who has reached level 21 is considered an epic character.

While all tables shown in these rules stop at level 20, there is no actual level limit. All patterns shown scale, as follows:

XP earned by CR and XP required for each level: Each level is double the value two levels prior (i.e. level 21 is double level 19).

Wealth by Level: Each level is X*1000 gp more than the last, where X is the new level (i.e. level 21 is 21,000 gp more than level 20).

BAB, Saves and Prowess: The patterns present in the tables scale using the shown patterns.

Class Features: Generally, any class feature that uses class level as part of a mathematical formula continues to increase using the character’s class level in the formula.

Spells: For spellcasters, caster level continues to increase after 20th level. However, spells per day don’t increase after 20th level.

Eternal Epic:

All characters who are at least 21th level is ageless (i.e. they no longer age).