Creating Characters:

Creating a character in FanAdv is a rather simple process. To create a character, you need to follow these steps:

0: Ideas

This isn't really a step in making a character, but it is important. You need to know what character you want to make. A basic idea will help guide you through the remaining steps. At this point, you should also select your alignment.

1: Ability Scores

The first step in making a character is to determine their ability scores. There three ways do this and you may choose any of them (some GM's may require one of them or even make up their own method). You can roll your scores, use an array or buy them. These methods are detailed below:

Roll: Roll 1d6-1d4 7 times. The 7 results are your ability scores.
Array: Your ability scores are -1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 2 and 3.
Buy: Choose your scores so the total is 7. No score may be higher than 4 or lower than -1.

Once you have your 7 scores, you may assign them to the seven abilities in any order you see fit.

2: Race

The second step is to choose your race. Races can be found here.

3: Class

The third step is to choose your class. Your character's class is their basic skill set and training. Starting characters start with one level in a single class. Classes can be found here. Your class might require additional choices at this time, such as spells known for a spellcaster.

4: Skills and Feats

The fourth step is to choose your skills and feats. Skills are obtained by buying skill ranks with skill points; your skill points are obtained from your class. Meanwhile feats are obtained by gaining levels; most starting characters start with one feat. Skills can be found here; feats can be found here.

5: Gear

The fifth step is to buy their starting gear. Starting first level characters have 150 gold pieces to spend on their starting equipment. Higher level characters have more money to spend. Gear can be found here; higher level characters should also look at magic items here.

6: Math

The final step is to do some math. You will need to figure out starting hit points (hp), Armor Class (AC), saving throws, initiative modifier, Prowess scores and attack values. All of these numbers are determined by the decisions made in previous steps.

Character advancement:

Characters level up by obtaining XP. XP is earned by beating challenges. The most common challenge is a foe in your way; however, there are many other challenges to face. Some examples include:

-A foe in your path (beaten by fighting it or bypassing it in some other way; e.g. diplomacy, stealth, etc).
-A trap (beaten by disarming it or bypassing it in some other way).
-A puzzle (beaten by solving it).

All challenges have a challenge rating (CR). The CR of a challenge is the level at which a single character is expected to beat it roughly half the time. For puzzles, this is highly subjective; just matching the level of the characters it is facing is a good baseline.

A character is a challenge with a challenge rating equal to their level. An increase of 2 CR is a doubling in power.

The XP earned from beating a challenge is based on the CR of that challenge, as shown on the following chart. Each member of the party gets the full XP listed.

XP earned by CR:
1 2
2  3
10  48
11  64 
12  96
13 128 
14  192 
15  256 
16  384 
17  512 
18  768 
19  1024
20  1536 

Larger parties are more powerful, while smaller ones are weaker. To account for this, adjust XP awards based on the size of the party as follows:

2 PC's: Assign XP as if the CR was 2 points higher.
3 PC's: Assign XP as if the CR was 1 point higher.
4-5 PC's: Assign XP normally.
6-7 PC's: Assign XP as if the CR was 1 point lower.
8 PC's: Assign XP as if the CR was 2 points lower.

XP required for each level:

By reaching certain XP thresholds, a character levels up. Those thresholds are as follows:

XP required:
1 --
2  30
6 120 
8 240
10  480
11  720
12  960
13 1440
14  1920
15  2880
16  3840
17  5760
18  7680
19  11520
20  15360

When reaching one of these thresholds, the character gains 1 level and loses all XP.

To gain a level, follow the following steps in order:
Step 1: Choose what class you are taking a level in.
Step 2: Spend your skill points for that level.
Step 3: Note the increase in hit points, saves and prowess.
Step 4: Note down your new class features, if any.
Step 5: If the new level is a multiple of 4, choose an ability score to increase by 1.
Step 6: If the new level is an odd number, choose your new feat.
Step 6.5: If your class gives you a bonus feat, choose it as well.

If you wish to make a character who starts at a higher level, create them as a first level character and then follow these steps to increase them to the desired level.

Wealth by Level:

As a character gains levels, they are expected to grow wealthier. These values are a guideline for how much wealth a player character of any given level should have (NPC's tend to have between 50% and 75% of these amounts). If a character is being made at a higher level, they should start with the wealth listed with that level.

1: 150 gp
2: 650 gp
3: 1100 gp
4: 2200 gp
5: 4400 gp
6: 8800 gp
7: 12000 gp
8: 19000 gp
9: 30000 gp
10: 37000 gp
11: 43000 gp
12: 52000 gp
13: 64000 gp
14: 82000 gp
15: 100000 gp
16: 110000 gp
17: 130000 gp
18: 140000 gp
19: 150000 gp
20: 170000 gp