About Us:

I (Nicholas Fletcher) am a 26 year old game writer from Ohio. When I'm not at home writing up games, I'm busy running food around a hospital.

My artist and consultant is my sister, Kendall Fletcher. When they're not drawing art for me or working on their own FanAdv book, they're writing their novels or working on other art. Or cleaning the same hospital.

Contact Us:

If you would like to get into contact with me, you can send me an email at the following email address: gamemaster qwerty [at] fanadvsrd.com (remove all spaces).

Kendall can be contacted at their art/writing blog, should you need to contact them for some reason.



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These 15 people are responsible for the funding on Kickstarter that brought this project to life in the first place.

D'Arcy Berry, Helmuth Pumple, Lou Goncey, Marc Gillham, Aaron Frost, Hawklord, Ryan Why, Susan Fletcher, Jeff Becker, Caleb Zoe Sanderson, Josh Buschbacher, Daniel Cannon, Chris Stewart, Lauren McLemore, Will Triumph.

If you would like me to remove your name from this page, send me an email and I will.