FanAdv (FantasyAdventure) is a fantasy tabletop RPG. This document is the FanAdv System Reference Document, Revised Edition, version 1.2. The primary author of the FanAdv Core Rulebook is Nicholas Fletcher; Sydney Fletcher has acted as a consultant and artist.

These rules are released under the Open Game License.

The basics of Tabletop RPG's:

There are two types of player in the game: players and the gamemaster (GM). Each of these two types have different roles in the game. Players simply need to make and control one character, known as their player character or PC. They then play and control their character in the world and stories constructed by the GM.

The GM (and there should only be one) is in charge of the game, and it is their job make sure the game works. They control all characters other then the PC's (non-player characters or NPC's), and they also plan out the world and the basic stories in it. In the event of a rules dispute or gap, the GM decides what happens. Due to the GM being there to make on the fly rulings, tabletop RPG’s allow you to try almost anything.

Dice rolls are described with expressions such as “3d4+3,” which means “roll three four-sided dice and add 3” (resulting in a number between 6 and 15). The first number tells you how many dice to roll (adding the results together). The number immediately after the “d” tells you the type of die to use. Any number after that indicates a quantity that is added or subtracted from the result.